The Hartsbrook School

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Hartsbrook School holds fiduciary and legal responsibility for the school and maintains ultimate oversight of the school; pedagogical and administrative functions are delegated to the Faculty Conference. The Board and the Conference share responsibility for the fulfillment of the school’s mission, long-range planning and community relations. The Board is composed of parents, faculty, and friends of the school. Its members are voted into office by the members of the Corporation.

Current members of the Board are as follows:

Tupper Brown, Co-Chair
Natalie Adams, Co-Chair
Swansea Benham Bleicher, Vice Chair
Dennis Szuhay, Secretary
Jed Liebert, Treasurer
Jan Baudendistel
Frances Cameron (ex officio)
Jacqui DeFelice
Katherine Dews
Lane Hall-Witt
Carl Knerr
Virginia McWilliam (ex officio)
Andy Moskovitz
Elyce Perico
Leslie Ritchie-Dunham
Noah Smith
Louise Spear (ex officio)
Anne Woodhull