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Communications and Outreach Director

The Hartsbrook School is seeking a qualified candidate for the Communications and Outreach Director position. This is a newly created administrative staff position for the 2017-2018 school year, at 0.6 of a full-time salaried position with the possibility of developing into a full time position in the future. This position begins immediately and reports to the Administrative Chair.

The Communications and Outreach Director will be responsible for guiding two major facets of Hartsbrook’s communications protocols: 1) to the internal community in order to foster engagement and a sense of inclusivity and alignment with Hartsbrook’s mission, goals, and initiatives, and 2) to the external community to elevate our visibility throughout the Pioneer Valley and attract new enrollees to the school. The Director’s initial focus will be internal communications with existing families – to work with school leadership to strengthen our protocols for communicating school news in a timely and professional manner.

Another equally important area of work is to position Hartsbrook in the external community in appropriate settings and to provide the support needed to do this: to oversee and direct the school’s advertising and marketing strategies, to manage the school’s e-newsletter, website and social media platforms, and to keep the internal community well informed of new developments.

The Director will work closely and in collaboration with the Enrollment Director and Director of Development, with the school’s Board and Faculty Conference, the Administrative Chair and Pedagogical Chair. The Director will coordinate and manage the work done by the current e-newsletter editor.

To apply, please submit a letter of interest, your resume and the names of three references to employment  Please also fill out the Employment Application found immediately below.

Hartsbrook School Employment Application (PDF)

About The Hartsbrook School

Today, the Hartsbrook School continues to thrive, enrolling over 260 students from early childhood through grade twelve at our campus in Hadley. Our 54-acre campus, with pastoral views of farmland, woodlands, streams, and the Seven Sisters hills of the Holyoke Range, enhances and deepens our students’ daily experiences. We integrate the vibrant cultural and intellectual life of the Five College area with a strong commitment to living sustainably and in community here in western Massachusetts. Our faculty and staff are a multi-generational group who strive to support each other in our shared work.

The inspiration of our founding teachers continues to guide the direction of our school today. We take our mission seriously – our faculty and staff are “dedicated to nurturing the unique spirit of each child. Our program from early childhood through the high school integrates academic, artistic and practical work to awaken clarity of thought, warmth of heart, and strength of purpose. Through joy in learning, kinship with nature, and working in community we prepare students to meet the challenges of the future and to find purpose and direction in their lives.” For more information about the school, visit our website at